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November 19, 2020

Magento 2 training in December

The end of the year is coming closer. Some say 2020 simply sucked. But it doesn't mean all is a waste. For instance, e-commerce business is thriving on the current crisis. And therefore, investing in knowledge is a smart move to prepare for 2021. We got your back with a full stack Magent 2 training program.

4 online Magento 2 development courses

This December, we are repeating our succesful training course on Magento 2 backend and frontend development:

  • December 7th/8th - Frontend fundamentals with XML layout, page layouts, ViewModels, Block constructors, static content deployment, performance tricks, LESS vs SASS, Grunt vs Gulp, JavaScript bundling and a lot more;
  • December 10th/11th - Backend fundamentals with in-depth explanations on the DI configuration, composer details and building modules with various scenarios in mind;
  • December 14th/15th - The JavaScript one, with Knockout ViewModels and observers, RequireJS mixins, dissecting the checkout and running through Full Page Cache with hole punching;
  • December 17th/18th - Final parts of backend development with ORM, testing, controllers & routing, event observers and a peek into the future;

Each training takes place online (via Zoom) and is spread across two half-days, so that you can play with the materials in between and get the maximum out of the training.

Benefits of a Yireo training

  • Literally, five years of training experience in Magento 2 development (minus one month)
  • Full recordings and professional course materials (slides and student notes)
  • Always in-depth for both beginners and experts

Feel free to send us any questions that you might have regarding these trainings or other courses in our portfolio.

Posted on November 19, 2020

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