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December 22, 2020

Full video course on Vue Storefront 1 (coming up)

While there are numerous PWA solutions out there, within the Magento ecosystem, Vue Storefront 1 still forms a reliable and flexible solution. It is not for everyone. But once you get the hang, you'll love it. Because of this, I've stepped up and created a video course for you. Not free, but definitely economical. And it is more than videos.

A full-fledged video course for you

First off, I've created 9.5 hours worth of video materials, specifically focused on Vue Storefront 1, together with a focus on (Magento 1 and) Magento 2. The videos are chopped up into little videos of 5-15 minutes.

And while the material is following the lines of the existing real-life Yireo training Vue Storefront 1 Fundamentals, plenty of topics are discussed much more in-depth: The schizophrenic nature of the PWA (both Vue and SSR), performance tuning, bits on ExpressJS before diving into the VSF1 API, GraphQL stuff, ElasticSearch troubleshooting and much more.

A full-fledged ... book (300+ pages)

Instead of chopping older recorded Zoom sessions into smaller pieces (which I didn't want to do, perfectionist that I am), I went ahead and rewrote all material for these videos from scratch: Actually, this costed the most amount of time. But the end-result is pretty slick:

Not only does the video course include 9.5 hours of videos, it also includes 300+ pages with a full text explaining even more details. The text is not a transliteration of the videos - it is separate, additional, containing new facts and nice-to-knows.

Join the VSF1 training of February 8th 2021 and get free access

All-in-all, this new course (based on the old Vue Storefront 1 Fundamentals course) is going to be awesome for you to get started with Vue Storefront 1. Or if you already know VSF1, I guarantee you that there's practices in there that should know as well. The course is officially going to be launched somewhere in the new year.

On February 8th, 2021, the "old" Vue Storefront 1 Fundamentals course takes place. However, any attendee of that Zoom-based online course will also get free access to the entire video course and its texts. That pricing is actually pretty sick, so don't waste this Christmas special.

Isn't Vue Storefront 1 legacy?

Last but not least, one fair question is to ask whether Vue Storefront 1 is legacy, now that Vue Storefront Next is coming up, based on NuxtJS and all. True, with VSF Next, there are new cool things coming up. But for that matter, there are lot of things that are now legacy, since new stuff is coming to light. Anything older than 1 year is legacy. But we are still building shops on Magento 2.3 which supports PHP 7.3 while using RequireJS and KnockoutJS on the frontend.

The codebase of VSF 1 is being modernized as we speak: Packages are being updated; the new Storefront API is almost ready to replace the former VSF1 API; the new Storefront UI that is also part of VSF Next, can be used without limits in VSF 1; the out-of-the-box Lighthouse score is 96 and I've seen it be 100 repeatedly; the SSR engine has become much more mature and works great; parent-and-child theming can be dealt with using a simple Webpack configuration; GraphQL can be used as well; etcetera. In short, Vue Storefront 1 is to help us migrate to faster frontends. And a training will tell you about it :)

Posted on December 22, 2020

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