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February 25, 2021

Join our ExtDN Open Chat meetup (March 11th)

The worlds current lockdown prevents us from attending conferences, while there is actually so much to debate in the current Magento ecosystem. ExtDN comes to the rescue by organizing regular meetups for anyone to attend. The first session - March 11th - will be focused upon the future of Magento extensibility. Make sure to join us!

Quick summary of ExtDN today

ExtDN got kickstarted years back to form a front of Magento extension developers and to be a conversation partner to Magento. That conversation still continues. However, in the mean time, we also started to educate people on various things: Extension quality, GitHub Actions, educational flyers, talks at conferences. And now ExtDN brings you a new concept: An ExtDN Open Chat.

First ExtDN Open Chat on March 11th

The meetups are labeled Open Chat to point out that we don't want to become a traditional conference with speakers and one-way communication. Instead, the meetups are about meeting up with one and another, talking about stuff that matters, debating tech topics. Kind of the same as the Magento Association, which we totally endorse, but now done in a less organized manner and with a limit in the topics.

The first ExtDN Open Chat will take place on Thursday, March 11th, via Hopin. Attendence is free, to be interactive with everyone else is recommended.

The future of extensibility

The topics of ExtDN Open Chats are limited to what ExtDN stands for (I guess): Extensions - or on a broader scale, the extensibility of Magento. Extensions could be built by third party extension vendors (like with ExtDN), or by any third party developer, or by you or a collegue. Magento is all about extensibility.

However, we have seen recently that numerous alternative frontends are on the rise (Magento PWA Studio, Vue Storefront, DEITY, ScandiPWA, Hyva). And it seems undoable for an extension vendor to deliver full support for all those frontends. Perhaps the focus should merely be on GraphQL? Likewise, Magento is slowly moving into microservices. So what does that new architecture mean for extensions? Are extensions still going to be a thing in the near future, say March 11th 2023?

This first ExtDN Open Chat will have a focus on the future of Magento extensibility. Not with boringly long talks. No, instead, the talks will be minimal, to be quickly followed up with a panel discussion, to be quickly followed up again with public discussions ... involving you.

Want to say something? Register today. Want to say hi? Register today as well. Hope to see you at March 11th online in Hopin:


Posted on February 25, 2021

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