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March 1, 2021

Reacticron 4: Call for speakers

Reacticon is happening again for the 4th time, this summer: From June 14th to 18th, the community gathers for exciting talks on Magento frontending. Got an idea to talk about? Let us know: The Call for Speakers is now open.

Past Reacticons

This will be the fourth time that Reacticon will take place: The first two sessions took place in The Netherlands with respectively 120 and then 200 attendees. The third version took place last October, online because of COVID, but with more than 300 attendees. The fourth edition should be equally fun.

Let us know a topic!

Do you have an interesting topic in mind? Would you like to share some tips and tricks with fellow developers (that already know their stuff, but are always eager to learn more)? Do sign up for the Call for Speakers and we will see how this can fit into the program.

On the Reacticon speaker page there are a couple more details. Do make sure to send in your ideas before May 2021 (1.5 months before the actual event). I really hope to hear from you.

Call for Sponsors

Equally, we are open for sponsors as well. There are a few details available on the Reacticon site. Looking for promoting your company? This is your chance!

Sign up?

There is no sign up - except for the old Reacticon Slack space that will be used again. No tickets, no pricing, just developers gathering to learn something new. Make sure to reserve the dates (June 14th-18th) in your calendar though and make sure to keep an eye out for more news.

Posted on March 1, 2021

Interested in joining this great frontend developer event? Head over to the Reacticon site for details

To reacticon.org

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