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March 12, 2021

Youtube videos on Shopware for Magento devs

I'm proud to announce a video series, that I have put together in collaboration with Shopware 6, to help developers that have experience with Magento 2 to get started with Shopware 6. And it has plenty to offer for Shopware 6 devs as well!

A shift towards Shopware 6?

Some might have noticed already: Many Magento developers are shifting to Shopware 6 - either completely swapping technologies, or implementing shops in either Magento 2 or Shopware 6, depending on the requirements. Because of this demand, and because the stack of Shopware 6 is way cool, Yireo has started to offer developer training since end of last years.

And now, on top of this, free videos have been released.

The videos are on YouTube

There are more 100 videos, making up about 24 hours of recording time, focused on a variety of Shopware 6 topics like the setup of Shopware 6, Symfony services, backend widgets, Twig overrides, Dependency Injection tricks, Redis and much much more.

And all of this wealth is available for free on YouTube, starting with a series of videos specifically targetting Magento 2 developers. Have a Magento background and want to know what Shopware 6 has to offer? Then this is for you:


Posted on March 12, 2021

Free videos only cover things up to a certain length. Want to take a full deep-dive into Shopware 6? Then a professional training with Jisse Reitsma might be your thing!

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