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April 1, 2021

Comparison between Magento and Shopware

With Magento and Shopware competing with each other and also with Yireo - born in the Magento community - exploring Shopware nowadays as well, we found it to be good to compare Magento and Shopware and see which one is better.

Sizing up a brand name

The most obvious points first: Magento starts with a letter M, while Shopware starts with a letter S. This makes Magento show up in alphabetical ordering earlier, likewise with ASCII ordering, but this might depend on whether you convert the first letter of Magento to lowercase, in which case Shopware comes up earlier. Expanding upon that ASCII table, the numbers of 83 and 77 add up to be 160, which could lead to 1 + 6 + 0 = 7 which rings a bell.

Combining the first letters of both brands leads to interesting results as well - MS could be a reference to Microsoft, Mississippi, Mail Shop, Master of Science, Multiple Sclerosis (not so funny), Motor Ship, Manuscript and many more interesting meanings. On the other hand, if you reverse the two, Sado-Masochism seems to be the most relevant option. Is this perhaps because it requires a masochistic mind to work with both systems? And also, who came up with this in the first place?

Different colors, different needs

The Magento logo is red, or orange, depending on the period you are in. Shopware has chosen for blue. The colors almost seem opposite and seem to target different people, because obviously some people like red, some people like blue. I like green too. It makes you think if the marketing teams were in this. Bear with me, because this might make little sense.

If you add both blue and red, you'll end up with violet. But if you would add yellow (like in RGB), you would end up in black. Theoretically, if you yet remove the blue, you'll end up with orange - and if you read the above carefully, this used to be the brand color of Magento as well, before the Adobe aquisition. Yet, if you remove the red (because we are talking about the stage before the Adobe aquisition) it becomes yellow, which was never part of the story anyway. Unfortunately, if we even remove that yellow part, we are left with no colors, which is definitely not the opposite of black.


Apart from well known languages like PHP and JavaScript, which both form the fundaments of both Magento and Shopware, Shopware - in addition - is written in German. Magento seems to be more English, but also a bit Ukrainian and my Ukrainian is a little bit rusty (as in, I don't know any Rust at all). The German element makes up its own type of humor - a eunuch experience and more of that.

Sum up

Coming up with some conclusion after writing up all of this, is difficult and challenging. So, here is the summary.

Posted on April 1, 2021

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