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May 5, 2021

Rescheduling Reacticon 4 to this October 2021

Service notice: We needed to move Reacticon 4 from June 2021 (a month away) to October 2021. Because of circumstances (both professional and personal) we felt it was a better idea to have a bit more time preparing for things. That being said, make sure to put it in your agenda because you do not want to miss this: October 11-15.

In the zoo?

Previously, for Reaction 3 and theoretically 4, we booked this really exciting venue of the Burgers Zoo in Arnhem. As exciting as the MeetMagento Germany venue in past events at the Leipzig zoo? No, not German-like exciting but really exciting: The venue is located in the middle in the zoo, there is an overview room that overlooks the savannah with giraffes, there is interaction possible with chimps and you'll need to get to the venue by walking through a jungle.

Did I get you excited? Yes. Then here is the disappointment: Reacticon 4 (October 2021) is not taking place in the zoo either. Because of the current crisis, we have decided to redo the event as a digital-only event. This means: Zoom calls, Slack space, YouTube streaming, etc. The where and how will still need to be determined, but thanks to the low pricing (zero) everyone is able to join.

Program as of yet

Reacticon 4 is going to be a bit bigger than earlier years as well, simply because frontending in Magento and Shopware deserves more and more attention. The early draft for the full 5 days is as follows:

  • October 11th 2021: Vue, Vue Storefront 1, Vue Storefront Next
  • October 12th 2021: Shopware, Shopware PWA, Twig frontend
  • October 13th 2021: Magento PWA Studio, other React solutions
  • October 14th 2021: Magento Hyva Themes, perhaps some other similar solutions
  • October 15th 2021: The "left-overs": Luma tuning, JS optimizing, adding Tailwind to Magento 1, I don't know

Call for speakers

The blanks still need to be filled in, the sketches to be finalized, the toiletpaper doodles to be visualized, the mockups to be knocked up, you know. And we are still looking for speakers! Got something to say about the frontend of either Magento or Shopware? Please let us know: https://reacticon.org/speakers

Hope to see you in a few months time. O and by the way, because we have some more time, we are actually coming up with some cool stuff soon. To stay tuned, either watch our blog, follow us on Twitter (@yireo) or sign up for our newsletter.

Posted on May 5, 2021

Do make sure to join the frontend dev crowd with this tech-minded conference. All content is free, all interaction required, streaming via YouTube. No reason to not schedule this in your agenda: October 11th to 15th (five whopping days) 2021.

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