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June 1, 2021

Shopware PWA training in July

This July - in the European mornings of 12th and 13th - we are organizing our first Shopware PWA online training. We are pretty excited about this, not only because Shopware PWA is a great headless solution, but also because it is in fact our first Vue Storefront Next training. Here is what is up.

Shopware PWA in short

Shopware 6 - being based on Symfony (and as of Shopware 6.4, this is Symfony 5) - has rebooted the Shopware ecosystem to allow for a more flexible platform. The core of Shopware 6 was designed to be API-first anyway, which is fully implemented in the Administrator, only a little bit present in the Twig-based frontend, but now again fully implemented in the Shopware PWA architecture.

The Shopware PWA architecture is based on Vue Storefront Next, which is again based on NuxtJS. Just like the choice for Symfony, this seems to be a wise choice: Instead of coming up with your own solutions for things like routing, state and SSR, it is best to lean upon the shoulders of NuxtJS for all of this.

History of Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront has been part of the Magento ecosystem for years already, since Magento its bumpy start into PWA. The Vue Storefront 1 stack was finalized already before the first release of Magento PWA Studio was made. (By the way, we're offering On-Demand training for both anyway.)

With Vue Storefront Next, the architecture was rewritten from scratch, with (as mentioned) NuxtJS filling in huge portions. Instead of dropping support for Vue Storefront 1, the core team continued to enhance that existing solution, while working on integrating other e-commerce solutions with the VSF Next source: CommerceTools and Shopware became the first, but more will follow. And also, Magento 2 support is underway as well.

Shopware PWA training

While the Shopware PWA solution started as a simple connector within Vue Storefront Next, currently it is much more: Shopware 6 extensions are installable via the Administration and automagically extend upon the PWA. The Shopware CMS system allows for huge customization via elements and blocks, all with output via the PWA. And the NuxtJS modules plus UI components have been modified to fit the specific needs of Shopware.

All of this is covered in our first Shopware PWA training on July 12th and 13th: We'll dive into the PWA installation, its integration with the Shopware 6 backend system and we'll take the first steps into customizing things.

But we are not stopping there: We'll dive into the NuxtJS modular system, discuss SSR options, review ServiceWorker strategies, build Shopware 6 apps and work with the CMS. In short, a solid kickstart to work with Shopware PWA.

In short, if you are into Shopware, then this is for you.

Posted on June 1, 2021

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