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January 2, 2022

Magento 2 Luma Essentials on-demand training

I'm proud to officially announce the Magento 2 Luma Essentials on-demand training. It has gone live quietly already in December, but as the Yireo Courseware Portal where the on-demand videos are hosted has also undergone various changes, I felt that only now it is time to announce the course itself. For newbies? Nah, even experienced devs will learn from it.

The essentials

The theming layer of Magento has always been complex, so flexible. Theming not only involves the overriding of various files like templates, images, LESS files and JS scripts, but also how to implement the XML layout wisely. The Luma Essentials course takes things a step further, by also covering less common scenarios:

Creating page layouts, best practices for development tools, troubleshooting LESS generation, the weirdness of LESS responsiveness, customizing email templates, container labels, troubleshooting JavaScript translations, text blocks, Grunt and Gulp. In short, all of the things you need to know to start developing Magento frontends based on the Luma stack.

What will you get with this On-Demand training?

The main ingredient of this Yireo On-Demand training is a set of 66 lessons with 65 videos, summing up to be almost 12 hours of content. Each lesson is accompanied with student notes that give additional guidance. And all of this content is available for one year.

And the work is not done yet - even though the course is stable. The current Luma Essentials course is covers the essentials, while I actually got a lot more to say on the topic. The idea is first to roll out other trainings (like a Luma JavaScript training covering Knockout and Require, a Hyvä course and various Magento 2 Backend Development courses) and then to circle back to this training (mid-2022) and create additional content. Theoretically, that material will grow to about 20 hours of additional content, included for free in the same subscription.

It makes up for one of the best kickstarts for getting started with Magento 2 frontend development in the market and - if you calculate the hourly price per video - a bargain.

For Hyvä, for Luma?

There is an overlap between the Luma theme and the Hyvä theme: The original XML layout is completely reset by Hyvä, but the principles (as being covered in our Luma Essentials training) remains the same. Likewise, other concepts like Blocks, ViewModel, cache tagging, Full Page Cache principles and PHTML templates remain the same.

The plan is to release a separate On-Demand training for Hyvä soon (somewhere in Q1 2022, hopefully already towards the end of January) which addresses all specific Hyvä topics like Tailwind, JIT, Alpine, GraphQL, the React checkout and even parts of the new MageWire technology. And that course will simply reuse lessons from the Luma Essentials training (like XML layout, ViewModels, etcetera). So stay tuned for more.

Getting subscribed

Want to get started with Magento 2 frontending but don't know whether to choose between Luma and Hyvä? Then this Luma Essentials training is definitely for you. There are two ways to get started with it:

Preview the course materials

Seeing is believing. So one of the latest additions to the Yireo Courseware Portal is to make numerous lessons available for free, while all other lessons are locked and visible to subscribers only. This preview mode gives a great overview of what Yireo On-Demand Courses have to offer:

See the following link for a preview of all available courses, including the Magento 2 Luma Essentials course: training.yireo.com/courseware/

Posted on January 2, 2022

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