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January 16, 2022

Magento 2 Backend Development I on-demand training

To get started with Magento 2 backend development, you need to know a lot: Ranging from the setup of a development environment to working with DI configurations. For years, I've been training devs already through live training. But all of that material is now available to anyone, through a new Yireo On-Demand training: The Magento 2 Backend Development I on-demand training has gone live.

16 hours and counting

The current Magento 2 Backend Development I on-demand training content is already huge: 16 hours of videos, numerous slides and student notes. And it is not done yet: The idea is to extend a couple of more niche topics soon, add more detailed examples (with live coding). So this is just the beginning. However, the essentials are definitely covered.

Included topics

The course covers first step basics like setting up a development environment (not only the minimum, but also including tips and tricks to make it run fast), installing Magento, CLI usage and using composer. Next, modules are dealt with: Not just the basic skeleton, but also with practical scenarios like controllers, CLI commands, module setup (including declaritive schemas), usage of repositories.

And quite essential for everything, one and a half hour is spent on Dependency Injection configuration (preferences, types, virtual types, proxies, factories and plugins) - which is quite essential when working with any kind of PHP class in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Backend Development I - the first part only

The name of the course - version I - obviously includes the promise for a second course as well: Backend Development II. That followup course has always been part of the Yireo portfolio and the plan is also to convert this into an On-Demand training as well (somewhere end of Q1 2022 or early Q2 2022). It includes topics like creating database models, custom repositories, dealing with attributes (EAV attributes, custom attributes, extension attributes), custom routers, advanced layout coding, caching and much more. If you are into backend development, both courses will give a tremendous boost to your knowledge. And my expectation is that both courses combined will offer more than 40 hours easily. And that for an unbeatable price.

And that's not it: A third training has been scheduled already as well, with attention to MSI, Varnish, ElasticSearch, indexing, message queueing and more. That's going to be in Q2 2022.

But first, the first course

Enough to be expecting in a few months time. But I'm as of yet already psyched to offer the Magento 2 Backend Development I course to you: It offers a huge amount of content already and definitely will help anyone to get started with Magento 2 coding properly.

Note that preview videos can be watched via the following link: training.yireo.com/courseware

Posted on January 16, 2022

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