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March 25, 2022

Block Magento 2 sales per geographical region

I'm selling extensions (well, as of yet, only EmailTester2) and trainings (a lot). Once in a while, I find myself seeing an incoming sales order, for which I can't or don't want to provide support because of reasons: Spam, cancel-anything-behaviour, political incorrectness, whatever. In the past, I built the Yireo_SalesBlock2 for this. And in these times, I felt it would be good to mention its ability to block by geographical region.

From commercial to free

The Yireo SalesBlock2 module has a simple task: To prevent an incoming sales order from being placed. The reasons for this might be numerous: Perhaps you don't want the competition to buy from you, perhaps you simply hate a specific person, perhaps you were mailed in the middle of night by a drunk customer, demanding support while cursing a lot, perhaps you see some geopolitical reason to block an entire country.

Actually, all of the above happened to me in the past, even though I'm seeing myself as generally a nice person (though perhaps sometimes a bit too outspoken). In short, I had a good reason to write a module for this. A Magento 1 (what is that?) module was created ages ago. And a Magento 2 version was released as well. I sold these two modules for quite some time. But since Yireo has focused more and more upon live trainings and on-demand courses, last year (2021) I decided to turn most paid extensions into freebie. And this applied to SalesBlock2 as well. I don't know about the success ratio of this, because I never paid much attention to this and I never monitored how many people are using my open source extensions.

But here is a little promotion.

SalesBlock2 architecture

The SalesBlock2 architecture (see github.com/yireo/Yireo_SalesBlock2) is quite straight-forward. In the Magento Admin Panel, you can create rules based on certain conditions. For selecting conditions, add-on modules are required. Currently there are 3 of them:

Once the modules are installed and activated, the main SalesBlock2 extension uses them to extend upon the Magento Admin Panel, and to act upon their functionality in the frontend. Once a specific rule is created in the backend, the corresponding module is used on the frontend to see if a match is made. And if the match is there, sales is blocked. For sales to be blocked, a simple kill-cart strategy is used.

Blocking by geographical location

For instance, with the SalesBlock2ByGeo module, you can block by geographical location: Within a rule, you can enter a 2-letter or 3-letter definition of a country, or a 2-letter definition of an entire continent.

This can be used to block sales from any IP-address that is identified as coming from the Netherlands (NL or NLD). I think you can put it to good use for blocking countries based on (for instance) current geopolitical situations. Or block an entire continent, like Antartica.

Posted on March 25, 2022

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