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March 19, 2023

Mage-OS Nederland at Webwinkelvakdagen

Slowly activity is increasing with the new Dutch association of Mage-OS Nederland. After initial meetings, a first member meeting in January, we are now taking the next move: Organizing a traditional meetup at the end of the first day of the yearly Dutch Webwinkel Vakdagen - which is already Wednesday, March 29th 2023.

The Mage-OS Nederland story

A lot is happening in the background with Mage-OS Nederland: The board of Core, Sanne, Jeroen, Roland, Michiel, Sander en me has been meeting fairly regularly kind of every week to streamline all kinds of things. There is much more to come - we have been discussing the possibility of a MeetMagento Netherlands, we have been talking about using the new Mage-OS Nederland website to help everyone in the ecosystem understand the ecosystem better - similar to what the worldwide Mage-OS website has done already.

But now the official coming-out is here: We are spreading our words (and secretly our flyers) on the upcoming Webwinkel Vakdagen.

And drinks

And we are organizing the yearly Magento meet-and-greet again at the end of the first day (which is Wednesday, March 29th 2023). The location for this is cafe Uncle Jim (Croeselaan 91, 3521 BL Utrecht), formerly known as De Korenbeurs, where in previous years (pre-COVID) the old Dutchento meets took place.

We are also proud to have the gathering to be sponsored by Hypernode, Hyvä, Mollie, Sansec, HyperShop and MagModules.


There is pre-signup, no form to fill in. Just show up. However, be warned, Sander de Graaf is sitting at the door with flyers with our new association: You are either part of this community or you are not.

Posted on March 19, 2023

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