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March 20, 2023

A Shopware Academy in June

The current Magento Academy has only begun two weeks ago. And our new office is still smelling like new IKEA. But we are planning for something else: A Shopware Academy (Dutch only) is going to kickstart in June to help onboard new developers. And registration is open.

A new Yireo path: The academy

Yireo has already done many different things: Organize events like Reacticon and MageTestFest, sell Magento extensions commercially, undertake in consultancy, offer on-demand video trainings online. But one thing has always been part of our business: Help developers expand their knowledge through training. While earlier this was often based on a training program of only one or two days, the new concept of the Yireo Academies is to guide a newcomer from zero all the way to become a full stack developer.

Early March, we started our first academy with as topic Magento development. But already we are coming up with a new academy, this one focused on Shopware development.

The challenge of Shopware development

Lots of agencies have recently swapped out Magento for Shopware. Or more precisely, the majority is focusing on both - Shopware for the simpler shops, Magento for the more complex ones. However, this almost gives you the impression that Shopware is a lot simpler to take control of. Which is true. To some extent.

How to overload SASS without using the original Shopware default theme? Overriding JavaScript plugins? How to correctly deploy without downtime? When to safely apply service decorators? Implementing Varnish with Shopware? Extend the Shopware Administration in an extensible way? Write simple Integration Tests or Cypress tests? These are questions experienced Shopware developers are often confronted with. And the idea of the Yireo academy is to give newcomers the answers right from the start.

A Shopware academy by Yireo

The Shopware academy stretches over 4 weeks with 2 days of training per week, but also with additional guidance, online materials, exercises and 1-1 evaluation calls. Thanks to this intense guidance you can be assured that a developer who attends all weeks is able to work on tickets right after the course.

Note that the academy is held in Dutch only. See the academy page for further details

For newcomers and for experienced devs

The academy is not only for newcomers who follow all the weeks. Experienced Shopware developers who want to make sure that all their knowledge is correct are welcome to join as well. Or, for instance, frontend developers can be upgraded to backend developers. The details page of the academy shows an in-depth list of all topics covered. Even for existing developers it would be good to go through this listing and see if all checkmarks are checked.


The Shopware Academy is a low-cost high-value investment for agencies who are into Shopware and want to make sure their developers are on-board. If you wonder whether the training program is for you, let's open up the conversation: Send us an email and we'll dive into details to see how we can help each other out.

Posted on March 20, 2023

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