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May 9, 2023

MageUnconf NL now co-hosted by Mage-OS NL

While Mage-OS Nederland is still contemplating on when a new MeetMagento NL is going to take place, the first event is already taking place in a few months: The MageUnconference NL - setup by Yireo - is now co-hosted by Mage-OS Nederland as well, making this event the first official Dutch Magento event in a while.

Full disclosure

As owner of Yireo and as board member of Mage-OS Nederland (chairman actually), I'm completely biased here. But because Mage-OS Nederland is a non-profit organization and because MageUnconference NL is a not-so-much-for-profit event (as in: the goal is to have fun, not make money), it should not come as a surprise that this merger is taking place.

I'm biased, but I'm transparent here as well. And since I'm also the person who kickstarted the Mage-OS Nederland movement in the first place, I hope you don't worry too much about this. From there, it pays for all the expenses, including some freelancers that work for Yireo. If any savings are made (only if), it means I get a salary out of this. If not, it's just for the fame and glory. I personally consider it healthy egoism, reciprocity without the fluff.

Main reason for this joint effort

The main reason why the MageUnconference is now under the hood of Mage-OS Nederland is that the community is better off to have a single communication partner for any Dutch event out there. For instance, when it comes to sponsors, I have been personally inviting brands to sponsor Mage-OS Nederland while I've also been inviting the same brands for a Yireo-owned event - and this was simply a bit confusing. By saying that the unconference is not only a Yireo event, but also a Mage-OS Nederland event, it becomes more clear that the unconference is definitely a way to get exposure to the entire Dutch community.

It also becomes a bit more confusing where the money goes, I guess. The board of Mage-OS Nederland (me inclusive) has decided to arrange sponsoring of events separately from sponsoring of the association itself. Instead of all the money going into the association, it flows into the bankaccount of Yireo.

Ownership of the unconference

A side effect is also that the association is now able to let another organizer step in for the MageUnconference as well - not this year, but perhaps in the future. Social media handles and domain names are currently owned by Yireo, but I have always aimed for these trademark-related things to be registered under the association. And it will be, once the association is more solidly founded (towards the end of this year 2023 I guess).

Unfortunately, the same does not count for the earlier social media handles and domain names, which are still owned by an inactive company that doesn't want to pick up such an event anymore but at the same time asks a disproportionate sum for letting go of the branding. With Yireo, I aim not to make any fuzz of letting go of the branding, the concept was not mine in the first place (❤️ Firegento).

The people

Another side effect is that the MageUnconference now becomes a common for the entire Dutch community. Kind of the same point as the earlier point, but now more towards people: With Yireo as a sole owner, it felt a bit like my own show. And if volunteers would popup during the event itself, they would popup as part of the Yireo team. But now they are part of the unconference team, or even better, a part of the Mage-OS Nederland team as well.

Looking ahead in the future, Mage-OS Nederland is also aiming to organize a MeetMagento NL again (this year, next year?), so the same concept could apply.

The unconference: July 13-14 in Utrecht

The MageUnconference is now a Mage-OS Nederland event as well. I am thrilled. The more reason to actually change your summer schedule and come on over to this dangerously-fun event in Utrecht.


Posted on May 9, 2023

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