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July 17, 2023

MageUnconference NL 2023 aftermath

It has happened. The MageUnconference Netherlands 2023 (mere days ago) was a huge success, not just my words. Let's peek back at the event, the smiles, the laughter, the seriousness, the irregularities.

The gig

Around 160 people joined together on Thursday, July 13th and Friday, July 14th at the old Dutch fortress Fort aan de Klop in Utrecht. The venue was scenic, though in the morning of the first day the rain was pouring down and we could not see any of it. But later, the sun started shining and people were able to spread across the venue in the form of numerous sessions.

Spread across multiple rooms (and tables outside), different topics, different setups: There was an agency meetup on Friday, there were techtalks on a huge variety of topics, group hugs, Jedi councils, padawan calls, strange Picachus. And there was simply a lot of fun. I hope to see posts from attendees on the usefulness of those topics :)

I have sponsored

I have to admit, this event was - financially - a tough one. Yireo is still a one-man company, which means that coming up with the finances to pull this event of was risky and challenging. The total revenue was nearing 40k, the total profit is about zero. It was not my intention to make money out of this, I just wanted to organize a cool Dutch Magento developer event again. And I think I did. But I couldn't have done this without the financial help of our sponsors:

Thank you for making MageUnconference NL possible!

Impressions and session notes

Looking for an impression of what this event was like and what you perhaps missed out on? Navigate over to mageunconference.nl/program and follow the link Photos to bring you to our own album. Likewise, on that page, you'll find a link to a GitHub repository containing some session notes (that are still being uploaded by attendees).


Next year, there is not going to be a MageUnconference. Hopefully there is going to be a MageTitans 2024, organized by our friends as Elgentos, there is going to be a Dutch Meet Magento on November 2nd. And Yireo is going to organize a Magento hackathon on September 9th. Perhaps we'll back with MageUnconference NL 2025.

Posted on July 17, 2023

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