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August 10, 2023

Magento hackathon at Yireo on Saturday, September 9th

Slowly holidays are coming to an end. People start picking up upon work again. What better way to get into coding again by joining like-minded fans at a hackathon? On September 9th, Yireo organizes a Magento hackathon. You are invited.

You are invited

On Saturday, September 9th 2023, Yireo and Mage-OS Nederland are joining forces to put together a hackathon in the office of Yireo in Baarn, The Netherlands. The hackathon starts with an opening at 09:30 (but you are already welcome to join at 08:30). And it ends around 17:00, after which we'll have some drinks. We'll provide drinks, snacks and lunch. You'll provide the code.

Details: /hackathon/magento2-2023-1

Run-down of the day

During the opening, we'll explain the concepts, setup a Kanban board (with simple post-its) and go into the details of the day. Each attendee is able to pick a topic of her/his liking - we don't care.

However, to make sure the day is a success for each one, we'll try to give a little guidance on what topics could be useful: Perhaps you have a specific issue you want to work on, perhaps there is a Magento Pull Request that needs testing, perhaps you want to build something cool.

Let's already discuss on Mage-OS Discord (channel #mage-os-nl) what topics would be interesting to you.

Code together

The added value of a hackathon is that you can code with others. For coding on your own, you don't need to leave your house. Because the added value is to work with others, we would love to divide all participants in groups - perhaps pairs, perhaps larger groups. And the most interesting thing therefore would be to really collaborate with each other by coding together:

Perhaps one person is creating test code and the other is creating production code. Perhaps both are working together in the style of pair programming (where one is the driver and the other one the navigator). Perhaps people are coding literally together in the same environment by using JetBrains Code With Me. We'll guide you in the right direction.

Why join?

Coding should be fun. If you are at work, often you are pushed to the max, meeting deadlines, working on topics that might be less interesting. At a hackathon, you can pick your own topics and work in your own pace. And the main focus is to learn from the code and from others. It is not only fun, but only also a very educational experience - hence, something in the hood of Yireo.

What you can do to prepare for things

Just sitting down and opening your laptop is part of the game. There should be a little bit preparation in advance. And we always have a couple of ideas to make this hackathon a bit more successful. First of all, make sure you have a running Magento environment that you want to work within. If you are going to work on something more generic, a clean Magento environment is to be recommended. Second, make sure that your tooling is there: PHPStorm, Magento plugin for PHPStorm, git repositories, possibly your own fork of the official Magento or Mage-OS repository,

Get your ticket

To make sure sign-ups are serious, we have opted for a paid ticket to attend the hackathon. It doesn't mean we are making money of this, it is just 25 Euro. And we'll make sure that the day is going to be worth that fee.

You can sign up here: /hackathon/magento2-2023-1

Posted on August 10, 2023

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