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August 29, 2023

Agency packages for Yireo On-Demand courses

We have been offering video courses for a few years now. The amount of videos is slowly increasing (nearing the 100 hours worth of videos). And the demand for these courses is also increasing. Time to also offer bulk packages for agencies, that want to educate all of their developers.

Bulk packages

All On-Demand courses (combining videos with slides, student notes, assignments and additional resources) are spread across two different platforms - Magento and Shopware - and are totalling 9 different courses. Most content evolves around Magento, which spreads across 7 courses: Backend development, Luma, Hyvä, PWA Studio, GraphQL - and more is in progress. All courses are sold individually.

However, if you want to make sure that one single developer is educated on all relevant topics, it becomes costly. That's where the bulk packages have come on: Earlier we already had bulk packages for a single developer. To be fair, that's more like a discount packages if you wanted to have access to more than 4 Magento courses.

Agency packages

Now we have added agency packages to this as well: If more developers are in need for all courses, this package allows for a hugely discounted amount. Because of the amount of courses, it is not dead-cheap - and we are talking about a niche market where Udemy-like pricing does not pay off.

However, if you take out your calculator, you will learn that it is worthwhile for agencies with 3 or more employees that need to have access to all.

Changing seats

The idea is that the bulk package is purchased from a manager account. Next, under My Attendance, all courses can be licensed to a specific employee. If the employee is done studying, or moves on to another job, the attendee record can simply be assigned to another employee. This is what we refer to as changing seats or user switch.

To prevent abuse, the user switches are logged and monitored. Each bulk package comes with a specific amount of user switches. If more are needed, upgrading a package is possible as well.

Let's work together

In The Netherlands, Yireo has also started with another concept: Academies for Shopware and Magento, programs of multiple weeks on a row in a physical classroom to educate newcoming developers. One of the main strategies there is to work together closely with the agencies involved, to make sure that the academy package is worth it.

I envision a similar thing with these bulk packages for On-Demand training: The bulk packages are invented to make it cheaper for agencies to teach new developers to work with Magento and Shopware efficiently. If you disagree with the pricing, are looking for a specific feature for upgrading, or have any question in general, let us know and we'll find the best match possible.

All bulk packages can be found here: training.yireo.com/on-demand-training/bulk-packages

Posted on August 29, 2023

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