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September 22, 2023

Shopware hackathon on October 6th

On Friday, October 6th 2023, Yireo is organizing a hackathon focused on Shopware 6 development. Fancy learning about Shopware? Frustrated with the lack of specific features? Get your hands in there and join us for a coding exercise.

Why a hackathon?

In the past, I've joined hackathons on a variety of topics (PHP, React, Magento 1, Magento 2) and I love the concept: Without any stress over deadlines (because there is nothing that you have to accomplish), you can play around with technology. Because it is fun. Of course, you could do that from home. But the real fun is to collaborate with others, especially others than your direct collegues.

This collaboration brings in different angles, alternative knowledge, insights into other practices. If you know that being in the programming industry is about learning something new every time, then a hackathon is one of the most refreshing ways to do so.

The day

The hackathon is taking place at the Yireo Office in Baarn, The Netherlands, in the middle of the country. The office building is easy to reach by train (Baarn station is a minute away) and car (free parking).

Starting at 09:30, we'll gather the various topics on a wall, so that everyone knows what to do. Next, we'll get into coding: Either alone (Han Solo) or with a pilot (pair programming) or more people (peer programming). The topics are decided upon by the attendees. This makes the hackathon feel a bit like an unconference (but smaller), with the requirement that a topic should be fun and with purpose.

We'll arrange for drinks and snacks, plus a lunch.

Possible topics

The topics are free to decide upon. But sometimes it is difficult to get started with fresh ideas. So here are a couple of my own personal todos:

And some more suggestions:

Join us now

This is the first time (as we understand it) that a Shopware hackathon is organized in the Netherlands. Therefore we keep expectations low: Perhaps 10-15 people are going to join. Which is kind of good, because the Yireo office could facilitate up to 24 people easily, but above it (so up to 40 people) is going to stretch it. We'll see. Anyway, it would be great if you could join us and do something more than just make money off Shopware.

More details on the hackathon page

(Note that this hackathon was first set to take place on Thursday, October 5th. We moved it up a day.)

Posted on September 22, 2023

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