Aug 8, 2024

Magento Hackathon

Get started with Magento

Get started with Magento

There are various ways a developer is able to learn: Being taught, reading books, watching videos ... and by doing it. Of course you can do so with collegues of the same agency. But then you'll be missing out the fresh ideas that others might be bringing in. A multi-agency hackathon is the right answer.

Details of this hackathon

Thursday, August 8, 2024
Daily times
09:30 - 16:30
1 days
Yireo, Baarn, NL
Minimum of attendees
Maximum of attendees
What to bring?
Your own laptop
€49 (excluding VAT)
Lunch, snacks, drinks, goodies

A day of collaboration

Magento is still superior to other carts and worthwhile diving into. While you can always get started with the basics by attending an academy or learning online, to really learn how to work on more complex features, practice is needed. This is where a hackathon jumps in. A single day with fellow developers to work on things that are eating your mind.

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Program of the day

08:30 - 09:30
Coffee and some snacks
09:30 - 10:00
Opening + Topics Creation
10:00 - 13:00
Hackathon Part One
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 17:00
Hackathon Part Deux
17:00 - 18:00
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What to work on this day? It could be a PR into Magento Open Source, or collaborating on a Mage-OS feature. It could be a module that you always wanted to work upon, an itch, a bug. Let's decide together how to turn this day into a success. And a little suggestion: Work together with others, instead of your own - pair programming is way cool to learn new stuff.

Currently, the following ideas are already added to the list:

  • Adding to Design Tokens to Tailwind configurations
  • Mage-OS indexer performance
  • Magento composer replacements plugin
  • Mage-OS installation and patches
  • WYSIWYG editor met UiComponents

Let's discuss on the Mage-OS Discord (channel #mage-os-nl) what other topics would be interesting to you!


Yireo could be the right partner for you

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Customer quotes

The training made pure abstraction manageable and digestible Marko Beenink (Mountain IT)
Jisse gave a very interesting, practical and well-constructed story about the Magento 2 jungle Peter Keijsers (Experius)
Jisse explains the relevant technology in an understandable way that is very useful in practice. The training is intensive, at a high level and of great added value because important concepts are made clear and you receive many useful tips. Oscar Hilbelink (Madia)
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