Email Override

Email Override

  • Override email templates per theme
  • Also override CSV language files
  • Must-have tool for Magento devs

The EmailOverride extension allows Magento developers to create overrides of the email templates stored in app/locale/en_US/template/email in your own Magento custom theme.

Cost Free
Current version 0.2.22 (Stable)
Requirements Magento CE 1.7 - 1.9
Magento EE 1.10 - 1.14
PHP 5.5.0 or higher (5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1)
Download Download
Support Support Forum
License OSL (Open Software License)


When customizing Magento emails, you have the choice of modifying the template through the Magento Admin Panel, or through the system folder app/locale/xx_XX/template/email. The last option classifies as a core hack, and with every upgrade your changes will be gone. The first option requires you to modify code within a textarea and no syntax highlightning available.

Override email templates

This extension allows you to create file-based overrides of the Magento email templates within your own custom Magento theme. You can simply copy templates around, and modify the files using favorite IDE.


In the path, {PACKAGE} placeholder reflects your own theming package, {THEME} reflects the Magento theme you are using and {LOCALE} reflects the language locale you are using - for example en_US or de_DE. Refer to the Magento documentation on how to configure theming and locales.

Override CSV files

An additional feature of this module is that CSV translation files like Mage_Checkout.csv can also be overrridden in your theme. For instance,


This allows you to make any changes to any language file simply by copying files.


This extension has no configuration options. Once installed, the extension will allow you to use the paths in your themed as described above.

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