Email Tester 2

Email Tester 2

  • Preview emails in your backend
  • Test-send mails to any email
  • A must-have for any shop

Magento 2 its core email previewing does not allow you to see the actual content or layout. This makes testing emails extremely hard. Our EmailTester2 extension solves this: It allows you to preview and test any email from within the Magento 2 backend: Select the right email, select which test-data to insert, and you're done. This is a huge time-saver when implementing Magento 2 sites!

  • Instant access to downloads
  • Worth every penny
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Current version 0.2.11 (Stable)
Requirements Magento 2.1, 2.2
SSH access
PHP 5.6.0 or higher (5.6, 7.0, 7.1)
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License OSL (Open Software License)


  • Automatically insert dummy data into transactional emails
  • Load existing orders, customers and products as email-data
  • Mail the test-email or preview it within your browser
  • Send to anybody (and prevent sending mails to real customers)
  • Works for any core transactional email
  • Extendible by third party extensions

Getting started

  • Download and install the module
  • Flush cache
  • Run command "bin/magento module:enable Yireo_EmailTester2"
  • Browse to Marketing > Communications in your backend


  • Save time when testing emails after modification
  • Optimizing emails becomes easy
  • 100% open source
  • Code written with clean Magento 2 coding standards
  • Including unit tests
  • Very simple to install and configure
  • Fast and friendly support by Magento 2 experts

User Reviews


Module works as expected, does what it is supposed to do: Be able tot test al transactional emails. I can recommend to have this installed for all projects, your customers will thank you!


Before going live with a Magento 2 shop, you need to make sure all your Transactional Emails are functioning. The visual layout needs to be good. Spelling needs to be checked. All content needs to be double-checked.

For instance to test the order emails, the default procedure is to place a test order, complete the checkout and wait for the email to arrive in your inbox. When something is wrong with the email, you have to repeat the entire procedure. This is time consuming and very boring.

This is where our Yireo EmailTester2 extension comes in: It allows you to preview all  emails easily from within the Magento 2 backend, or test-send them to the email account of your choice. No more lengthy procedures. Testing emails now has become peanuts!

  • Instant access to downloads
  • Worth every penny

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Email Tester 2

Email Tester 2

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