• Simple to migrate
  • No need for resetting passwords

When you migrate Joomla users to Magento, one of the issues you will have is the usage of encrypted passwords. Joomla uses a different hashing / encryption algorithm to store passwords then Magento does. Copying the Joomla hashed password to Magento will result in an unusable password. Our extension solves this by extending the Magento hashing methods with Joomla hashing algorithms.

Cost Free / Support subscription
Current version 1.2.2 (Stable)
Requirements Method to migrate Joomla users to Magento
Magento CE 1.7 - 1.9
Magento EE 1.10 - 1.14
PHP 5.5.0 or higher (5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1)
Download Download
Support Support Forum
License OSL (Open Software License)


  • Support for old MD5 passwords
  • Support for MD5 salted passwords
  • Support for PHPass PasswordHash passwords
  • Support for native password_verify() passwords

Getting started

  • Migrate user records using your own preferred solutions
  • Install this module in Magento


  • Quick to implement and it works
  • Your users don't need to reset any passwords
  • Compatible with all Joomla hashing algorithms

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