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Vm2Mage - Features

  • Migration of categories: Parent- and child-categories
  • Migration of products: Product images, product reviews, custom attributes, stock information, pricing rules, Configurable Products
  • Migration of customers: Customer details, address details, customer reviews, encrypted Joomla! passwords, no password reset required
  • Migration of orders through a separate tab "Older orders"
  • Two extensions: One in Joomla!, one in Magento
  • Proven technologies: AJAX, XML-RPC
  • Extensible with plugins: Write Joomla! plugins to extend the core behaviour


From VirtueMart to Magento, flexible and efficient

Main benefits of Vm2Mage

  • Flexibility: Filter which objects to migrate first
  • Low cost: If you don't need support, it's only a small fee
  • Pause and continue your migration at any time
  • Tested on sites with 100.000+ users and 10.000+ products

API between Joomla! to Magento

Vm2Mage connects Joomla! to Magento by using the XML-RPC protocol. Because most of the work is put into making this API as flexible as possible, adding new features is easy. Vm2Mage is able to migrate data of any quantity: To make sure the API connection doesn't timeout, Vm2Mage uses AJAX-technology and allows you to configure how many items are migrated with each AJAX-call.