• Move away from VirtueMart
  • Migrate data with ease
  • Incremental migrations

Vm2Mage - License

Vm2Mage extensions use two separate licenses - one for Joomla! and one for Magento:

  • GNU General Public License (GPL) - used in Joomla!
  • Open Source License (OSL) - used in Magento

This dual licensing guarantees that each single line of programming code is properly licensed, depending on the platform it is based on. The Joomla! extensions are in full compliance with the GNU/GPL.

Commercial open source

Vm2Mage is a commercial extension. A fee is asked to receive support and services.

We only provide installable packages to paying customers.

Subversion access

Because the Joomla! extensions are licensed under the GPL, we allow public access to its source code. With the following URL you can access the Subversion repository for all Joomla! extensions. Login with username anonymous and password anonymous.


Note that the GPL does not apply to the extensions in Magento, and because Vm2Mage is only functioning if you have both extensions in hand, access to Subversion does not mean you can use the bridge for free. Paying customers get full access to the source code of the Magento extension.