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Introducing the Joomla! Article Manager

This tutorial covers the basics of the Joomla Article Manager. To keep things simple and uncluttered in this tutorial, we are using a new Joomla installation, with the Default English (GB) Sample Data installed. However, if you wish to use an existing website with data already present, this tutorial will still work perfectly well, you will just have some extra categories and articles present.

Joomla 3 website with Default English (GB) Sample Data installed
Joomla 3 website with Default English (GB) Sample Data installed

Logging into the Joomla Administrator backend, we will be taken at first to the Dashboard of the Joomla Control Panel. This is the place where you can easily return to if you're lost:

How to access the Article Manager from the Dashboard
How to access the Article Manager from the Dashboard

Accessing the Article Manager

From the Dashboard, there are two simple ways of accessing the Article Manager. We have placed red ellipses around both options in the above screen shot. You can:

  • Click on the Article Manager link shown in the right hand sidebar; or
  • Use the Content drop-down menu, then click on the Article Manager menu item when it is highlighted.

Note that if you click on the Add New Article menu option that extends to the right of the Article Manager drop-down option, you will be taken to the Add New Article screen instead of the Article Manager.

ACTION: To continue along with this tutorial, follow the steps and use either of the above methods to access the Article Manager.

The Article Manager - General Layout

We are now in the Joomla Article Manager screen. Take a brief moment to look around the screen and note the main elements:

  1. The Top menu bar - this allows us to easily access other areas of the Joomla Administration interface.
  2. The New button - clicking this green button takes us straight to the Add New Article screen.
  3. The Location box - one of the nice features of Joomla is that all the screens look similar, so that users find a familiar interface on each screen. One small downside is that it is easy to accidentally click on the wrong link and find yourself in the wrong screen without noticing your mistake. The Location Box is a quick and easy way to confirm whether you are in the right screen.
  4. The Filter sidebar - from here you can quickly and easily filter your list of articles using predefined criteria.
  5. The Search box - useful for finding articles where you know the article's ID, or a word or two from the title.
  6. The Articles list - where our list of articles is displayed.

The main elements of the Article Manager screen
The main elements of the Article Manager screen

ACTION: Use the Location box to switch between Articles view (the Article Manager), Categories view (the Category Manager), and Featured Articles view (a subset of the Article Manager, which only shows those articles which we have selected to "feature" on the home page of the website). Note how the highlighted section of the Location box changes according to which screen we have selected.

After a brief look at each screen, return to the Article Manager screen via the Location box or the Content > Article Manager drop-down menu item.