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May 8, 2021

Study Magento PWA Studio when you are ready for it

After some months of hard work, it is finally here: My Magento PWA Studio On-Demand training is now live. Not just videos, but full student notes, lab exercises and teacher support (from me) as well. If you are wondering how to get started with PWA Studio, you can either experiment on your own or take the fast track with this easy investment.

An on-demand training ... Yireo-style

Corona has brought up many opportunities and in the Magento ecosystem, there are now various experienced trainers offering On-Demand courses, which is great. But personally, I feel that they are lacking something: They are mostly just about videos plus teacher support. But written text is often missing. And in areas where documentation is also lacking, the training simply just adds only a little guidance. At least that's my personal feeling.

That's why I decided to jump full-in with my own personal twist to On-Demand training: Not just videos, but full written student notes (summing up to be a bookwork on its own), teacher support and obviously coding exercises. I've done this already before with a Vue Storefront 1 On-Demand course (9.5 hours of videos, 200+ pages of content). Whoops, now I did it again with an Magento PWA Studio On-Demand course (12 hours of videos, 300+ pages of content).

PWA Studio training ... Yireo-style

On top of the abundance of training material, the new Magento PWA Studio course contains some personal twists as well. For instance, I'm not a fan of UPWARD. And by explaining what kind of features UPWARD actually has to offer (local development thingies, SSR, image optimization) and then by exploring alternatives, I explain in the end that UPWARD could be bypassed alltogether. Perhaps not something that Adobe itself would advocate, but hopefully an added value nonetheless.

Another point is that I have taught now various developers with various levels of expertise. A Magento developer that is new to React, is often better off by choosing to extend upon Venia UI using a tool like the Fooman resolver. But a React developer that knows her/his stuff will probably just build up the component tree on her/his own and bypass all Venia UI components, creating things from scratch instead. This difference plays a prominent role in the course, where I'm trying to explain all upsides and downsides of both scenarios.

It is live!

And now it is live! For a very low amount (189 Euro per year per individual) you can subscribe to the course, get access to all videos, texts and support. And through this, you can get started with Magento PWA Studio training. Up for grabs, I would say. Hope you enjoy it!

Posted on May 8, 2021

See all details of our Magento PWA Studio training, including the On-Demand training mentioned here, but also live trainings and in-company options. I'm happy to help you move properly forward with PWA Studio.

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