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May 13, 2021

Hyva Themes training on June 14th and 15th

The Hyva Theme is taken the Magento community by surprise. A pleasant surprise. Where everybody was just sinking away in disappointment about the Luma frontend not being improved for years, Willem Wigman stood up and created something better: Hyva was born. And I'm proud to say that I'm joining this fresh movement by providing proper training for it.

The opening created by Hyva

For years, many developers have beached about the Magento frontend: Its libraries were outdated, its JavaScript architecture insanely complex, its extensibility too flexible so also insanely complex, its performance slow and it being hugely fragile because of its complexity. Others have come to make a difference here: DEITY, Vue Storefront and FrontCommerce created their own PWA in React or Vue. Snowdog created a Gulp + SASS theme, plus Alpaca. But every time, others were again disappointed because they needed to learn yet another complex thing.

And that's where the Hyva approach seems to be winning: It introduces Tailwind and Alpine - both became popular in the Laravel community and stand out because of their simplicity. Hell, even Vinai is suddenly able to code CSS (or actually build designs without it, thanks to Tailwind). Once you get into the flow, you'll love it. And the added benefit is that Hyva is not a headless solution, it is based upon the same XML-layout-Block-ViewModel-PHTML-template system that Luma is using. Except for that the crap has been removed.

With Hyva, developers suddenly start liking frontend development with Magento again. Apart from lowering the bill for the customer, the developer experience goes up. And that means a great deal.

Hyva training by Yireo

On June 14 and 15, an online training is taken place, with me (Jisse Reitsma) as trainer, organized by Yireo, backed by Hyva itself. The course will be via Zoom and will be spread across two half-days (the European mornings). It will cover slides, theory, practical samples, live coding. We'll cover the basics. But - just like with any Yireo training - we'll dive in to depth as well.

For instance, we'll cover how to convert a graphical design into an Hyva template, which boils down to knowing the Tailwind magic. But we'll also dive into converting existing Magento extensions into Hyva: For the major part, this means abstracting logic from current Knockout-driven UiComponents and recreating that logic in Alpine.

Want to get started with Hyva? Then this is your chance!

Posted on May 13, 2021

See all details of our Magento Hyva Themes training, including the live training on June 14th and 15th 2021, plus options for in-company training.

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