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Hyvä Themes

Join our Hyvä Theme Development for Magento 2 training

Join our Hyvä Theme Development for Magento 2 training

Hyva Themes is quickly gaining ground in the Magento community and for a logical reason: The Luma themewith its bad performance, huge complexity and outdated libraries is replaced with a fresh stack ofAlpineJS and TailwindCSS. With our training, you get the perfect kickstart so you can get the max outof your new Hyva projects.

Jisse Reitsma

Your teacher will be Jisse Reitsma

This training will be held with Jisse Reitsma as your guide. Jisse is the founder of Yireo, three times Magento Master, partner of ExtDN, trainer and author. Jisse has been in the Magento ecosystem for many years and has created numerous Magento extensions. He also has been pushing better coding practices, like CI/CD, clean coding, coding standards and testing.

Pick the learning method that fits you best

Because everyone has different needs


On Demand

  • Hours of video lessons
  • Student notes (208+ pages)
  • Accessible at any moment
  • Learn at your own pace
per year per individual

Blended Learning

  • Everything under On Demand
  • Teacher support via email & slack
  • Prioritized requests for new lessons
  • Get the personalized help that you need
per year per individual

Online Classroom

  • Everything under On Demand
  • Instructor-led Zoom training
  • Benefit from a real-time interaction
  • Ask any question that you have
per training per individual

Match your agenda with our schedule

Get ready to expand your knowledge

Check out our online agenda for more courses and events. If you would be interested in a custom in-company training, feel free to contact us. We are happy to organize an in-house or online training for you.

Current video lessons in one single view

We are constantly updating our courseware, but the following is a real-life snapshot

LessonChapterVideo lengthCreatedAction
Introduction to Hyvä Themes Introduction00m 00s23 Nov 2021Watch for free
Hyvä themes   Introduction00m 00s15 Jun 2021Get access
Hyvä modules   Introduction00m 00s22 Nov 2021Get access
Hyvä admin   Introduction00m 00s23 Nov 2021Get access
Project kickstart   Quick start00m 00s15 Jun 2021Get access
Installation   Quick start00m 00s23 Nov 2021Get access
Discovering the theme   Quick start00m 00s28 Sep 2021Get access
Introducing Tailwind CSS   Tailwind CSS00m 00s03 Jan 2022Get access
Quick start without Hyva   Tailwind CSS00m 00s18 Jun 2021Get access
Quick start with Hyva   Tailwind CSS00m 00s23 Nov 2021Get access
Tailwind configuration   Tailwind CSS00m 00s28 Sep 2021Get access
Purging CSS classes   Tailwind CSS00m 00s21 Jun 2021Get access
Using Tailwind with Hyva   Tailwind CSS00m 00s16 Jun 2021Get access
Tailwind and PostCSS   Tailwind CSS00m 00s23 Nov 2021Get access
Tailwind plugins   Tailwind CSS00m 00s12 Jun 2021Get access
Using apply   Tailwind CSS00m 00s12 Jun 2021Get access
Tips and tricks   Tailwind CSS00m 00s23 Aug 2021Get access
Just-In-Time   Tailwind CSS00m 00s23 Aug 2021Get access
Using ViewModels   ViewModel classes00m 00s29 Sep 2021Get access
Introducing AlpineJS   Alpine JS00m 00s29 Sep 2021Get access
State management in AlpineJS   Alpine JS00m 00s12 Jun 2021Get access
Events in AlpineJS   Alpine JS00m 00s13 Oct 2021Get access
Rewriting Luma scripts to Alpine   Alpine JS00m 00s29 Sep 2021Get access
Loading a CMS Block via GraphQL   Alpine JS00m 00s16 Jun 2021Get access
Checkout options   Checkout with Hyva00m 00s12 Jun 2021Get access
React checkout   Checkout with Hyva00m 00s04 Oct 2021Get access
Compatibility modules   Compatibility modules00m 00s13 Jun 2021Get access
Converting an Example Widget module   Compatibility modules00m 00s30 Aug 2021Get access
Using compatibility modules   Compatibility modules00m 00s14 Jun 2021Get access
Creating a custom compatibility module   Compatibility modules00m 00s13 Jun 2021Get access
Performance tuning   Tips & tricks00m 00s13 Jun 2021Get access
Setting equal heights   Tips & tricks00m 00s16 Jun 2021Get access

These videos are available as an On-Demand video training (with notes). See the pricing for details.

These are the options we give you:

At your place or ours?

Everyone learns at her/his own pace. We provide both in-house training and public training throughout Europe - whatever suits your team best. When 3 or more developers are attending, a custom training is often more economical. Contact us for more details.

You'll get courseware

Every workshop is accompanied with official Yireo coursematerial. Attendees are sent a digital version of this material after the training. It contains slides, comments and references. Additionally, our GitHub repos contain numerous more code samples.

Online classrooms

Online trainings are also our training: Via Zoom or Google Hangout sessions, our teacher is able to connect with your team. The benefit here is that the team is able to connect from various places itself as well, timeframes are more flexible. Afterwards, a video recording will be shared with all attendees for reference.

On-demand self-paced training

This training is also available as an On-Demand training: Via numerous video lessons, including accompanying student notes (equalling a book on their own), you'll learn about the topics in your own pace. And when you bump into questions, you can fall back to the teachers guidance.

This training is part of the following series

so that we'll be able to guide you all the way, step by step

Why Yireo?

  • Professional trainings at affordable prices
  • Highly involved in the Magento community
  • Passionate, enthousiastic, knowledgable

We have trained 1400+ Magento developers since 2009

Training topics

  • Introduction to Hyvä Themes
  • Hyvä themes
  • Hyvä modules
  • Hyvä admin
  • Project kickstart
  • Installation
  • Discovering the theme
  • Introducing Tailwind CSS
  • Quick start without Hyva
  • Quick start with Hyva
  • Tailwind configuration
  • Purging CSS classes
  • Using Tailwind with Hyva
  • Tailwind and PostCSS
  • Tailwind plugins
  • Using apply
  • Tips and tricks
  • Just-In-Time
  • Using ViewModels
  • Introducing AlpineJS
  • State management in AlpineJS
  • Events in AlpineJS
  • Rewriting Luma scripts to Alpine
  • Loading a CMS Block via GraphQL
  • Checkout options
  • React checkout
  • Compatibility modules
  • Converting an Example Widget module
  • Using compatibility modules
  • Creating a custom compatibility module
  • Performance tuning
  • Setting equal heights


Frontend developers


Skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Skilled in Magento XML layout and PHTML templating
Some basic knowledge of Tailwind CSS is a benefit

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a minimum number of attendees listed. What does this mean?

The training is only held when there is a number of attendees. This number is usually 4 but sometimes we bring this down to 2 or 3. This minimum number simply means that if a class is not "full", either you get a refund or your ticket is transferred to another date.

Jisse Reitsma

The teacher: Jisse Reitsma

Thus it came to be

When Jisse started with Magento, he already had years of experience programming in Joomla (back in the days when Joomla was actually the #1 CMS - believe it or not). Back then, open source cart solutions were lacking and Magento 1.0 brought a lot of hope.

Quickly Jisse dived into the new architecture: In 2009, he built his first extensions, among which the fundaments of a bridge between Joomla and Magento (MageBridge) and various project-specific extensions (among which payment providers and custom MVC/EAV modules).

A relieve

Over the years, he experienced what most Magento developers experienced with M1: A lot of power, but also frustration. After a couple of years, it no longer was cutting-edge and it barely adopted new developer standards. When the new Magento 2.0 alpha 1 came out, Jisse started playing with it. And he was relieved to see modern tools in its architecture: Composer, PHP namespacing, testability, CLI-driven management, proper design patterns.

Again, after building some modules and dummy projects, the first Magento 2 developer training was given in January 2017 (two months after the official release) and numerous M2 trainings have followed for both backend developers, frontend developers and devops.

Frontend sagas

Currently, with Magento 2 being several years old now, the fuzz is no longer about its backend architecture: It is the frontend that matters. Jisse has given numerous frontend development trainings, where people complain about LESS (and not SASS) being used, loading times to be slow (while in fact M2 allows for enough tuning to make it bloody fast), an archaic combo of Knockout/RequireJS (while they both serve their purpose in regards to backwards compatibility).

PWA is the new keyword. Jisse has dived into React, Redux & service workers in combination with GraphQL and NodeJS tools. He is currently working in various initiatives to help developers embrace the new frontend stack (ExtDN, Vue Storefront, DEITY). Also, he has added Docker and Kubernetes to his vocabulary.

As of yet, it is fair to say that Magento holds little surprises for Jisse. He is your guy to train you or your developers properly in both backend and frontend technology.


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