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July 9, 2021

Reacticons PWA Studio day - intercept this!

In October 2021, the fourth Reacticon will take place, focused on Magento & Shopware frontending. This is the place to be (online) if you want to learn more about where frontending will head next. And because Magento PWA Studio is definitely part of that story, we dedicate a full day on it.

A full day on Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio has jumped ahead with various major releases in the last 2 years: We are currently at version 10 with handy features like a build report, the first steps into core-supported payment methods, a mega-menu and much more. Also, the interception API has undergone some enhancements, with even more extension points being offered to developers.

During Reacticon, we'll dedicate Wednesday, October 13th 2021 to Magento PWA Studio, with various talks from core developers of Adobe but also contributors from the community. And with many new features being on the roadmap, this will be well-worth attending.

Stable? Final? Ready?

I frequently hear people criticize Magento PWA Studio for not being ready yet. For instance, in the notes above you can read that payment methods have only been added in v10. And how could you build a shop without payment methods? However, it would not be right to say that Magento PWA Studio is incomplete. It is incomplete, it is just different from what you expect.

Many have gone already ahead and launched shops based on PWA Studio. They realized that Magento PWA Studio is not a PWA, but a studio: It is providing the building block. And it is quite easy to add PayPal to a React app, so the same is true for PWA Studio. If you know React, you'll find PWA Studio quite easy ... and ready.

Intercept this!

The only thing that is still ongoing is the extensibility of all components, by just installing an extension. This is possible through the interception API, a concept that is actually a novelty in the entire React community.

Many shops have been built so far with common React patterns: Tree replacement, custom UI components, custom hooks, etcetera. But with the interception API, customizing could be possible without actually overriding the original code. This even pales Luma or Hyva frontending.

Want to know more about this? We offer a video+text course for you to follow at your own pace: www.yireo.com/training/magento-pwa-studio And with Reacticon 4, you'll learn even more about the most modern approaches.

Free and online

Reacticon 4 will take place online and attendance is free.

Posted on July 9, 2021

Bookmark these days in your agenda, because Reacticon is going to rock: From October 11th to 15th, we'll have five days dedicated on modern-day frontending in Magento 2 and Shopware 6.

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