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April 2, 2022

Hyvä On-Demand course fully available now

If you are up to date with Magento developments, then you'll know that Hyvä is often talked about as the next big thing. I'm proud to announce the Hyvä On-Demand course of Yireo to be know at a nearly complete level (see below), so that everyone is able to get started with Hyvä development in an efficient way.

The Hyvä On-Demand course - an overview

The Hyvä On-Demand course is the next one in line of a series of Yireo On-Demand courses, that is currently totaling more than 75 hours of videos - and there is much more planned for this year, theoretically leading up to another 75 hours of content: I simply dig the video course thing. The Hyvä On-Demand course spans itself 9 hours, backed up with sample code, slides and (if purchased separately) my support.

The course consists out of 8 chapters and 56 lessons (and counting). But as mentioned, the Yireo courseware is expanding and it might very well be that later on this year, more video content is added. In short, this is why I mentioned a nearly complete level: I see courseware as a thing similar to software: It gets outdated, it needs refactoring, there might be bugs, but more importantly, there is always more to explore.

The topics

Obviously the Hyvä On-Demand course dives into the current state of Hyvä and how to install it. An important place is reserved for explaining TailwindCSS properly - not just by covering basics, but by diving into the Tailwind JavaScript-based configuration and various tricks, because that's what Hyvä developers will struggle with. Next to TailwindCSS, there is obviously attention for AlpineJS. And once that topic is covered, there are various practical hands-on examples (like adding a carousel and converting the HTML/CSS/JS mock into a real Magento-driven widget). ViewModels and the various utilities (icons, TailwindCSS plugins, PostCSS plugins) are discussed here as well. It is my intention to cover more scenarios as well, to illustrate the joy of creating new designs with Tailwind & AlpineJS.

But Magento is obviously not only about creating things from scratch: The reality is that we also require third party extensions. Another portion of the course therefore dives into creating compatibility modules: The theory, practical tips & tricks and a couple of coding samples to get you started. However, creating a compatibility modules is much more about knowing your stuff on Tailwind, Alpine, ViewModels and Magento - so enough attention goes into those parts.

Last but not least, there is the topic of the checkout: The fallback is discussed briefly, but then the story continues with the React checkout, with a foundation of React coding, but also words on extensibility, payment providers, checkout providers and much more. Still in the works is even an introduction into MageWire, which might very well offer a MageWire checkout for Hyvä somewhere in 2022.

Now available: A Hyvä training for everyone

In short, with Hyvä, there is so much to explore. If you are a Magento developer, frontend or backend, Hyvä has something to offer for you. And with that, the new Yireo On-Demand course for Hyvä is just a clever investment to get up-to-speed quickly. A bargain.

Posted on April 2, 2022

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