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How to setup a learning strategy in your company?

How to setup a learning strategy in your company?

Jisse Reitsma - July 2, 2021

As an agency, you'll need to make sure that your developers are constantly learning: Technology is constantly on the move, so should the skillset of developers. While training those developers is one option, there are many other ways as well. All-in-all, there needs to be a corporate strategy for learning, a policy to make sure skills are kept up-to-date Here's a sum up.

Why e-learning is of the future?

Why e-learning is of the future?

Jisse Reitsma - May 27, 2021

I've been training developers for years now and - with the danger of sounding arrogant - I've become pretty good at it: It is not only about outlining a certain technology, but it also about explaining things in the proper wordings, with simple examples, with advanced details, making all entertaining enough to listen to. But there's a catch.

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Yireo has been giving training for years in Europe on advanced Magento 2 topics. Do you need new employees to get up-to-speed on M2 quickly and efficiently? Do you have a downtime of minutes when deploying to production (while it should be seconds or none)? Are you having a hard time getting started with PWA, React, Redux and GraphQL? Want to get started with (unit, integration and functional) testing?

We are here to help you out! With our training, you can stay ahead of the crowd.

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