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Adobe Commerce certifications vs Yireo courses

Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer

Required topics for certification
Theming, XML layout, PHTML templating
Blocks & containers, block arguments
RequireJS, bundling, Knockout
LESS, CSS, translations
Deployment (static content, modes)

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Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer

Required topics for certification
RequireJS mixins, config, UnderscoreJS templates
jQuery UI widgets, KnockoutJS, uiComponents
New payment methods, checkout steps

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Adobe Certified Professional - Adobe Commerce Developer

Required topics for certification
File structure, GWS system
CLI commands
Build module, cronjob
Basics of indexing
XML layout, PHTML templating, theming, RequireJS basics, Knockout / UiComponent
Checkout components
Admin configuration of cart rules, payment & shipping methods, tax rules, currencies, etc
Preferences, Types, VirtualTypes, Factories, Proxies, Plugins, di.xml
Controllers, routing, custom routes, URL rewrites
Event observers
Cache (frontends, backends, tags, invalidation, block caching, FPC)
Database upgrades, db_schema.xml, data patches
Customer attributes, product attributes, product attribute sets
EAV attributes, extension attributes
Basics of product types
CMS pages, CMS blocks
Collections, repositories, search criteria builder (Sort, Filter)
Backend modules, ACLs, menu-items, uiComponent basics, Store Configuration (system.xml)

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Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Developer Expert

Required topics for certification
DI, plugins, events
Routing, routers, controllers
Custom attributes, frontend models, source models, backend models
Store Configuration, multisite, menus
Product types
Total models in cart, tax calculation, indexing, price output
Payment methods, shipping methods, sales operations
Integration tests, unit tests
CSP, form keys, reCAPTCHA
XDebug, Redis, ElasticSearch, Varnish, RabbitMQ
Admin UiComponents, Actions, modifier classes

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Adobe Certified Master - Adobe Commerce Architect Master

Required topics for certification
XML merging, backend uiComponents
Staging, Staging-enable entities
New backend type in EAV, customer/order attributes
Magento Commerce Cloud
Difference between row_id and entity_id
WebAPI endpoints
Customer segments, RMA, store credits, message queues

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Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Cloud Developer

Required topics for certification
SSH keys, deployment, database management
RabbitMQ, slave read-only connections
Cloud CLI, static content, config-local.php
XDebug, Fastly, Blackfire

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Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner

Required topics for certification
GDPR, PCI compliance, taxes
Orders, products, categories, marketing features
Store Scopes, Store Configuration
Adobe Cloud

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