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ExtDN - Do use composer

ExtDN - Do use composer

Jisse Reitsma - August 24, 2018

With ExtDN, we feel the urge that code quality of Magento extensions should be improved. So we sat down and carefully phrased 8 hints for creating proper Magento 2 extensions: The DOs for Magento extension development. Here is a discussion of the first point: To use composer.

Summer of coding

Summer of coding

Jisse Reitsma - August 18, 2018

While the heat is striking down on Europe and many are sitting at the pool to chill, my summer is all about coding. I was looking forward to a summer without travels (because I had those earlier this year with dozens of conferences) and with time to work on pending projects. Here is an overview of my summer of coding.

ExtDN goes MeetMagento Poland

ExtDN goes MeetMagento Poland

Jisse Reitsma - August 13, 2018

Since some time now, Yireo is part of a network of Magento Extension Providers - ExtDN - which works to increase the quality level of Magento extensions. And I'm happy to announce that ExtDN is going to MeetMagento Poland this September.

Why is Magento 2 LESS compilation so slow?

Why is Magento 2 LESS compilation so slow?

Jisse Reitsma - August 7, 2018

It has been the frustration of Magento 2 frontend developers for years already. And it has surprised me that so little has been written about it: Compiling the default LESS code of Magento 2 is slow, easily taking up to 8 seconds. But why? Here's a summary of an experiment I've run to find out what is the actual problem. Plus some conclusions (and semi-solutions).

Reacticon v2 is only two months away

Reacticon v2 is only two months away

Jisse Reitsma - July 28, 2018

Time is flying: Reacticon v2 is only two months away. And things are on the roll: We already have over 60 attendees and 2 main sponsors are in (Magento and Deity). If you want to join Reacticon, now is the time!

Babysteps with PWA Studio

Babysteps with PWA Studio

Jisse Reitsma - July 20, 2018

Magento PWA Studio is slowly becoming more mature. Nothing to build a production PWA yet with, but enough to play around with as a way of getting used to the technology. Months ago, Fooman wrote a blog on how to setup PWA Studio properly. Here are my additional notes.

Boost MySQL speed of Magento 2 integration tests

Boost MySQL speed of Magento 2 integration tests

Jisse Reitsma - June 29, 2018

Magento 2 is built in a modular way and one of the benefits here is that you can easily (?) add your own unit and/or integration tests, to guarantee the quality of your own code. When running integration tests, a test database is set up. However, this process is kind of slow. Here is a little trick to dramatically increase the performance of MySQL, so your integration tests complete within seconds.

Oh my god, a Magento Association?

Oh my god, a Magento Association?

Jisse Reitsma - June 24, 2018

Last Wednesday, I attended a supersecret meeting in Leipzig that dealt with the forming of a brand new Magento Association. And here is a public blog about it. Supersecret? No, of course not. The Magento Association is there for all of us.

Disabling annoying 3rd-party Magento modules

Disabling annoying 3rd-party Magento modules

Jisse Reitsma - May 23, 2018

Since some time now, Magento has been shipping with third party modules, that might be useful to some but are often not needed at all. Modules that you don't use should be disabled. Even worse, some of these modules have caused me (and others) SQL errors while deploying. So let's see how to fix this.

Magento 2 Virtual Types with namespaces

Jisse Reitsma - May 6, 2018

I've heard it pop up in discussions on best coding practices. Yet, I have also seen the opposite in practical code samples while reviewing extensions: Virtual Types should use namespaces. Here's a small recap on what, why and how.

Reacticon part I is complete

Jisse Reitsma - March 19, 2018

Wow, that was amazing. Last weekend, we wrapped up Reacticon - a Magento developer conference focused entirely on PWA technology. It had some unexpected edges. And it was awesome!

Yireo and Deity working together

Jisse Reitsma - February 25, 2018

We are proud to announce that Deity and Yireo are going to work closer and closer together. Deity is a new player in the Magento game, offering a PWA stack to Magento developers to easily build a PWA. Let's see what is playing.

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