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Checklist for going live with Magento 2

Jisse Reitsma - June 3, 2017

In the past few months, I have heard of more and more projects going live with Magento 2. However, not always the projects go live as they should. For instance, sometimes Magento 2 shops go live with the Developer Mode still being active. From a developer point of view, this is a big no-no. But as newcomer with Magento 2, this might be something you need to learn about. To make sure, Magento 2 shops are optimized before being put to production, here is a checklist to help you.

MageTestFest is live! With Vinai!

Jisse Reitsma - May 18, 2017

We are proud to announce you that MageTestFest is officially on. The date is set on November 17th 2017, the site is live and we are proud to announce our first speaker: Vinai Kopp.

Review of MeetMagento 2017 NL

Jisse Reitsma - May 15, 2017

Last week, MeetMagento Netherlands 2017 (#mm17nl) took place. Though I'm biased (I was part of the organizing team), it was a blast. Here's a small recap of what was up.

May 18th - MUG Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Jisse Reitsma - May 9, 2017

Magento 2 is hot. And you can see by the number of events out there. In the Netherlands only already there is MeetMagento, MageUnconference, MageTestFest and possibly a MageTitans in 2018. And we have the local user groups. On May 18th we are gathering for a meetup in Nijmegen to discuss SEO features in Magento 2. And there will be a primer on the launch of a new Yoast extension for Magento 2.

Injecting dependencies properly in Magento 2

Jisse Reitsma - April 25, 2017

Magento 2 offers a great way of loosely coupling modules together, by using the concept of Dependency Injection with a bit of configuration flavor. When you for instance want to inject yourself with a certain class, you can inject yourself with an instance of the interface by adding this to your constructor. Simple as that. However, make sure that one dependency is not injected twice.

Reviewing the announcements of Imagine2017

Jisse Reitsma - April 20, 2017

Time flies. It's already 11 days ago since I came back from Imagine 2017. However, I still wanted to write up this blog to share some of my thoughts on the announcements made during Imagine 2017. It was a blast. I do have some comments though.

Working with the new Magento 2.1 Entity Manager

Jisse Reitsma - April 4, 2017

With Magento 2.1, a new class structure has been introduced - dubbed the Entity Manager - which allows for a better structure to work with entities through composition, instead of relying upon parent classes to do the work. Let's see what's inside this new class.

Magento 2 interceptors under PHP 7

Jisse Reitsma - March 25, 2017

So first of all the great news: It has been announced that Magento 2.2 (the upcoming release) will support only PHP 7. In other words, PHP 5 support is dropped and we can move our code forward to PHP 7. So what this mean for Magento 2 interceptors.

A great time at MeetMagento Croatia 2017

Jisse Reitsma - March 21, 2017

Last weekend I traveled down to Croatia for a MeetMagento conference organized by Inchoo. And I had a blast. Here's a little write-up of what this cool conference had to offer.

Magento 2 developer trainings in March and April

Jisse Reitsma - March 20, 2017

Here we are again: Last year and beginning of this year, we organized various rounds of Magento 2 developer trainings, and because the courses have been so popular, we are now repeating the same 4 trainings again March and April, starting this Friday (and we are open for last minute subscriptions!).

Best performance for Magento 2 development

Jisse Reitsma - March 19, 2017

Often I hear that Magento 2 is slow and loading its pages in dozens in seconds. Strange I would say, because my Magento 2 development environment is fast, faster than a Magento 1 shop could be. Here are some ground rules to make your Magento 2 in development fast too.

Using composer with commercial Yireo extensions

Jisse Reitsma - February 16, 2017

With Magento 2, composer is supported out of the box. Free extensions can easily be downloaded via public repositories like GitHub. However, for commercial extensions we have decided to setup our own private repository that can be accessed through a subscription URL. This guide explains how to install commercial Magento 2 extensions created by Yireo.

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