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Injecting dependencies properly in Magento 2

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 13 Jul 2016

Magento 2 offers a great way of loosely coupling modules together, by using the concept of Dependency Injection with a bit of configuration flavor. When you for instance want to inject yourself with a certain class, you can inject yourself with an instance of the interface by adding this to your constructor. Simple as that. However, make sure that one dependency is not injected twice.

Magento 2 code generation tools

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 12 Jul 2016

Now that Magento 2 is gaining popularity, there are also more and more tools that help developers build their modules more easily. One category for this is the category of code generation tools. In this blog, we'll discuss Pestle, Magerun and Mage2Gen.

First sponsors for Magento 2 Seminar

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 12 Jul 2016

We are happy to announce our first Silver Sponsors for the Magento 2 Seminar of October 21st 2016: Elgentos, Skyberate, Byte and MediaCT. With this bunch, the second seminar will be a great success without doubt. Let's take a first glimpse at what the all-renewed seminar will bring you.

Installing New Relic for Magento 2

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 10 Jul 2016

The Yireo_NewRelic2 module for Magento 2 allows you to enhance the information passed on from Magento to the New Relic dashboard. The following guide helps you to install things.

Magento 2 Developer's Guide by Branko Ajzele

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 7 Jun 2016

In December 2015, Branko released his book Magento 2 Developer's Guide and somewhere in January, I purchased a copy and had the pleasure of reading it. However, we never wrote up what we liked about it: So here it is, a book review on Branko Ajzeles Magento 2 book. Because we love it!

Our role as Magento 2 training partner

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 31 May 2016

Since the arrival of Magento 2, Yireo has been focussing on this new platform a lot. While still paying attention to our legacy - Joomla and Magento 1 - the new architecture of Magento 2 has excited us. And we always preach that what we are excited about: Yireo is now offering Magento 2 trainings big time.

Introducing ExtDN for Magento

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 30 Apr 2016

Yireo is proud to tell you it is part of the ExtDN (Magento Extension Developers Network), which brings various extension developers together. Here is a short introduction on what ExtDN is about.

Yireo is not stopping with Joomla

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 2 Apr 2016

Our previous blogpost was an April Fools joke. While most people got the joke and while most people appreciated the joke as well, we still felt we needed a counter blog to rectify things: We are not stopping with Joomla. Not at all.

Yireo stops with Joomla ...... not

Written by Jisse Reitsma on 31 Mar 2016

We have given this a real long thought and hate to say this: We stop with Joomla. While we have enjoyed 10 years of Joomla together, we are feeling the urge to make this business decision. With this blog, we will share you some of our insights (and critical notes) on why we are making this drastic change. [Note this is an April Fools joke, it's not real]

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